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Dear MNF Participants!

On behalf of the Model Northern Forum Secretariat we would like to express our gratitude for your interest in this event! We reviewed all the applications submitted via our application form (nearly 250!) and were impressed with your experiences and interests.

In the attachment, you will find the following documents in English and Russian (please, review them all very carefully):

  1. Roles (Excel Document) with 4 lists dedicated to the 4 main sessions.

If you find yourself on one of the lists, you are selected to take part in this session. Find your role partner (a participant with the same role on the list - in case you have one) and start preparing your thesis statement and proposals for your session in pairs (the contact is given on in the same document).

We tried our best to allocate the roles according to your wishes and experiences, sorry if we didn’t meet someone’s expectations concerning the role. Mind that all the roles are equally important, regardless of the session, so you can do your best to get the best knowledge from it.

You have to represent the role you get, not your personal views.

In Working groups, if you are given a concrete role and position - speak from this position, if you have a region - think of an environmental organisation or body in this region (in Climate Adaptation WG) or business organisation / company / non-profit enterprise or regional body in this region (in Business Cooperation WG) to represent it. For Working Group participants there are two additional documents in the attachment concerning their regulations.

  1. Homework

This is the document that will give you guidance in preparing your thesis statement and proposals and get yourself aware of the real Northern Forum’s organisation. Please mind that the event will be held in English, so it is necessary to prepare your speeches in English.

If you already have written a position statement in the application form, you are free to take it here, too.

  1. Script

The script is there for you to understand all the timing and details of the two-days event. Please mind that during most of the sessions you will not have time to speak for more than 3-5 minutes unless the moderator lets you do so. Be brief. Mind that all times are in Moscow time zone (UTC +3)

  1. Rules of Procedure

This document will give you the overview of the rules of procedure, the recommended conduct and general rules and traditions of the Northern Forum. Please, read them carefully in order to make the event as close to the real Northern Forum as possible.

  1. Regulations of MNF

In Russian: Регламент Модели Северного форума. Here you can find all the general information about our event with timing.

  1. LINKS

Most important document with keys to the Zoom and YouTube channels. Here you will find all the links to join the meetings and the links to the YouTube Channel. Please mind that due to the confidentiality restrictions it is necessary to enter the Zoom conferences with your real names, and first then change it to your role names. Only participants from the corresponding session will be allowed to enter - all the others are invited to watch our YouTube broadcasting. If you will have problems with entering Zooom - contact the MNF Secretariat via e-mail: nf@arctic-mgimo.ru , we will keep in touch with everyone.

ATTENTION! We request your confirmation of participation and some outlines of your position statements by Tuesday, November 17, by the end of the day. Confirming, you can send us your draft statements or question if you wish to have a feedback or help.



For the most experienced applicants, we decided to simulate 4 sessions of the Northern Forum in the form of its General Assembly. During the first day on November 19, two Working Groups will be simulated, Regional adaptation to Climate Change Working Group and Business Cooperation in the North Working Group. During the second day on November 20, the Meeting of the Regional Coordinators Committee and the Meeting of the Board of Governors.

All the central sessions will be broadcasted on YouTube and recorded and will be free to watch online on the official channel of the Northern Forum for everyone.

For most of the applicants with less experience in modelling, we prepared a independant session that will be held on November 21 and will include the simulation events, the Model review and the award ceremony. An additional e-mail concerning this part will be sent on Monday, November 16

All the relevant documents can be found on our website as well: https://www.arctic-mgimo.ru/file-share

All questions can be asked via our e-mail: nf@arctic-mgimo.ru

We kindly ask you to confirm your attendance.

Looking forward to seeing you at MNF-2020!

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