On July 4, 2021, MGIMO Arctic Club Secretariat held its regular procedural meeting. The scope of the topics discussed included: - discussion of the results of the year - elections of new leaders of the club - adoption of a new logo - plans for 2021-2022 period - youth engagement proposals

As a result of a productive discussion, new leaders of the Club were chosen and confirmed. The new co-chairs of MGIMO Arctic Club are Ekaterina Vinzhego and Nikita Rodionov. The deputy chairs are Yana Toporikova and Arsenii Kirgizov-Barskii, also serving as the First Secretary of the Club and MAC Russia 2022 coordinator on behalf of MGIMO Arctic Club. Valeria Ruzakova remained to be the Honorary Chair as the Founder of the Club. In addition to it, the new MGIMO Arctic Club logo was adopted, as from now on it serves as an official logo of the Club.

As for 2021-2022 plans, a broad educational, scientific and international cooperation programme of the Club corresponding to the Russian Chairmanship in the Arctic Council in 2021-2023 was discussed. The official version of the programme is to be announced soon. In a nutshell, a variety of expert lectures, scientific conferences and Arctic Council youth programme interactions are to be expected. Notably, the Club is involved in a number of projects officially included in the Russian Chairmanship programme of the MFA of Russia and the list of events of the Project Office of International Youth Cooperation "Russia - Arctic Council" by the Federal Agency of Youth Affairs.

We would like to congratulate the new leadership with their new roles and wish them success with all future projects! This news on MGIMO website: https://mgimo.ru/about/news/social/itogovoe-sobranie-nauchnogo-studencheskogo-kluba-arktika/

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