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Обновлено: 26 янв. 2021 г.

This year the MGIMO Arctic Student Research Club celebrated its 5th anniversary in 2020! During these 5 years: • 5 Models of the Arctic Council were held in MGIMO; • the Arctic Club visited 8 countries to organize and participate in the events on Arctic topics; • students, young scientists and youth representatives from 24 countries took part in the Club’s events in MGIMO; • members of the Club took part in 12 international conferences abroad; • more than 70 participants attended each international conference held by the Arctic Club. There have been 5 SDG youth ambassadors to Russia and more than 30 winners and awardees of the all-Russian contest for school students. In October 2020, the MGIMO Arctic Club became one of the Federal partners of the ‘Russia-Arctic Council’ International Youth Cooperation Project Office. The purpose of the Project Office is to support the systematic interaction of youth and youth organizations of the Russian Federation with youth and youth organizations of the other Arctic Council countries. In December 2019, the flagship event of the Arctic Club, the Moscow Youth International Model Arctic Council (MAC), was included in the collection of best practices of the UN Global Initiative Network for finding solutions in the field of sustainable development (Sustainable development solution network, SDSN) as part of the Handbook ‘Getting started with the SDGs in universities’). To learn more about the achievements of the Arctic Club and its members read our Anniversary report!

On behalf of the Arctic Club team we wish you the very best, a Happy New Year and good luck! See you at our events in 2021! Report in Russian:


MGIMO Arctic Club Annual Report 2020 in English at: https://www.flipsnack.com/mgimoarcticclub/mgimo-arctic-club-annual-report-2020-eng.html

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